Wording on gravestone does not matter

My sister-in-law sent a copy of the Observer dated October 31 as my wife was born in the town.

I have just read the article about the church denying the family of Mrs Crammond to have the words ‘Free spirit’ on a Celtic cross. This is another reason why after many years ago in my mid-teens I was an altar boy (Catholic) as my religious beliefs were decided for me before I was born.

I realised that the church of whatever Christian denomination was the most unspiritual business in the country. I decided that I would follow my own beliefs and have for many years been a spiritual person. Sadly church ministers (most of) don’t really believe in anything spiritual. Even though they preach about the goodness portrayed by Jesus, they fail to recognise the he was a healer and helped many people during his lifetime.

What does it matter what is on a grave stone/cross as long as the family of the departed have agreed on the wording.

I can turn the words of the top church judge (‘judge not lest ye be judged’ is in the Christian bible, I believe) and say he lacked any Christian substance.

Paul Tilbury