Wonderful world of the twitterers

AT THIS time of year I normally spout venom about Airbourne, but I sensibly went to Hailsham all weekend and so, have nothing to complain about!

Nevertheless, I did like Richard Morris’ article about Twitter last week. Why just annoy Eastbournians with a vindictive letter to the Herald when you can annoy the entire world in 120 characters?

I must admit I was slow to take-up Twitter as all I’d read about in the papers was about people like Gwyneth Paltrow and vacuous tweets like ‘I just stroked the cat’, but being on it, I get constant updates from Sussex Police and BBC News plus I can have a good laugh at some of the comments from famous comedians and not-so-famous chaps like @Easybourne.

I would now thoroughly recommend it and you’re welcome to follow me on @sidney_vish.

Dave Poole

Penhurst Close