WITH the disastrously high number of young people not in employment it is good to see that the total headcount of apprentices in our local area has doubled in the past year.

Young people need relevant job training

Amber Rudd’s government has announced it will direct more funding to employers and charities for the provision of training and the creation of apprenticeships. Seems like a good idea. The traditional alternative method of addressing high numbers of young people not in employment, education or training has been to pour boatloads of money into further education colleges.

This enables many colleges to dish up often irrelevant full-time vocational training courses without guaranteed work placements and qualifications with little or no labour market value. The recent Government- commissioned Wolf Report confirms that too many vocational courses lead nowhere.

Young people need full-time jobs with current and relevant training and not full-time vocational courses which fail to make many young people ‘work ready’ or lead them into employment.


Quarry Hill

St Leonards