Will we wonder why the fuss?

Having for such a long time been following the protest regarding this link road I was very sceptical given the opportunity to be driven all along it.

A group of five people met at their HQ where we were given a most interesting talk regarding the work they are carrying out.

Driving along Queens Way we keep seeing mountains of earth which was very well explained why as thy have to shift the different types of earth around.

I was most impressed by the attention to the nature including an expensive badger run.

Along the road there will be a cycling path and a walk way.

Attention to retaining the land, creating different types of pond to deal with flooding and pond life.

It is still a blot on the landscape but with time and the thousands of trees being planted as well, in the future we will wonder what all the fuss was about?

Being driving the whole length it is very impressive in the skills of the people working there and I understood that most of the workforce comes within 53 miles, though some experts have to be brought in.

For the people on the present A259 along the coast, surely it will be a relief for them with less traffic?

Now it is just needed the little link road from the A21 to Queensway.

W Georgiadis

Martineau Lane