Will decision be democratic?

THE decision will shortly be made over the future of Mount Denys, Pinehill and the Isabel Blackman Centre, all considered by many to be essential for the wellbeing of elderly and vulnerable people in the Hastings area.

How many of your readers realise that the decision will be made by the entirely Conservative East Sussex County Council cabinet?

Cynics might think that councillors from Alfriston, Hailsham, Framfield and Horam, Eastbourne, Rye, Brede Valley, Heathfield and Crowborough are not the best people to be entrusted with this momentous decision, especially since they don’t have a Tory seat to lose in Hastings.

This is fine British democracy in action. I sometimes wonder why hundreds of thousands risk ruin, dispossession and even death trying to establish democratic rule in their countries.


All Saints Street