Wildlife could be on the road to ruin

AS A council taxpayer I would have been happier if the £29million earmarked for use by East Sussex County Council (ESCC) to bribe the Government into funding the link road was used instead to persuade it to adopt one of the alternatives, which put much of it into tunnels.

After all, ESCC is supposed to be environmentally friendly because when the previous Government asked councils to look favourably on suggestions for link paths to existing rights of way to encourage walking, and I suggested an unofficial path along Combe Haven that had been used by many local walkers for over 20 years, it was turned down. The excuse from ESCC was that they had to balance the needs of recreation with the needs of wildlife, ignoring the fact that Sussex Wildlife Trust was encouraging the public to come and view, and had actually opened to them a previous private path along Combe Haven and built a viewing platform.

In any case, how can ESCC now say the link road will not interfere with the needs of wildlife?


Fern Road

St Leonards