Why was no one accountable?

I READ all the reports in your paper, about accidents, delays, closures snowed up roads slippery paths, and so on and read the comments from the people who were supposed to be responsible for clearing the roads.

Not one apology was made, no one was held to account for the the failure to clear the streets of snow and ice and no promise it would be done better next time.

Of course it didn’t really effect me, a 70-year-old man running two shops in the Old Town. One of them had to be closed of course. My car was snowbound in the Old Town so I had to walk to the Conquest Hospital, supply my wife with adequate clothing so she could walk back with me (lucky she didn’t have to go back to work in the evening) as her car was stuck outside the hospital.

That was on the Monday on the Tuesday after operating only one shop, I slipped and fell on solid ice. No, No, I’m OK rate collectors. I can still operate my shops. I was bruised, not broken I can still pay my shop rates.

Come hell or high water snow and ice I’ll make it to the rates office to pay my dues for I know you will not accept any excuses like those I/we have to accept from you.


High Street