Why town’s Odeon is failing screen test

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I WOULD like to follow up on a letter published in the November 11 issue of the Observer from Rosalyn Ziebell, complaining about the lack of variety offered in the films shown at the Hastings Odeon.

I agree that the cinema is severely lacking when it comes to its coverage of the more interesting, higher brow movie releases.

I, too, have lodged a complaint with the Odeon about this issue and also raised the question about whether, in addition to offering an OAPs Tuesday film, the Odeon might consider introducing a regular Mother and Babies film showing, to cater for the many, many mums on maternity leave in the area (myself included).

If you too would like to see more variety in the films and the different audiences catered for at the Hastings Odeon, I urge you to contact the organisation.


Amherst Close