Why not tax cyclists into the bargain?

FOLLOWING J Rogers’ comments about cyclists, I would like to go further.

I totally agree with him with regard to cycle paths; pavements are for walking.

Getting to my real gripe however I am a motorist and proud of it. I am taxed to the hilt as a result, even the duty on fuel has VAT levied on it.

If I go out for a drive, either to work or otherwise I am constantly aware of cyclists wearing stupid-looking Lycra uniforms and the most ridiculous-looking sunglasses.

Some of them don’t even have proper pedals on their bikes, their shoes are clamped on with some twist and screw mechanism (this can’t be safe in an emergency).

They hurtle about with apparently no regard for other road users and they are often not even going anywhere specific. They block junctions while they admire each other’s attire and skinny tyres (sic).

A friend of mine had his car kicked while trying to negotiate a gang blocking a junction.

What happens if one of them crashes into another road user or pedestrian? The other road user has to foot the bill to repair the damage or the pedestrian goes to hospital if they’re unlucky.

Why doesn’t the Government introduce a system similar to that which car users have to suffer?

In other words, tax them. Ater all, they are road users like motorists are. Compulsory third party insurance to cover damage and injury to others.

Registration of their vehicles and a rider’s licence preceded by a test similar to a motor cycle test. (Children under the age of 16 would be exempt).

This could create revenue for the Treasury and take the burden of other people.


Wishing Tree Road

St Leonards