Why is Sussex Police splashing cash on expensive cars? What’s wrong with plodding the beat on foot?

From: Steve Rodrick, Laton Road, Hastings

Apparently the police are short of cash, which begs the question why they are buying BMW electric cars?

According to the Observer (August 10) 30 BMW i3s have been ordered for unmarked and non-response activities in Sussex.

They cost upwards of £31,000 each and are described by Autocar magazine as ‘a premium choice’.

By way of comparison, a Renault of similar specification costs £13,000 less. No doubt BMW are offering fleet discounts, which I’m sure Renault would too.

I’m not alone in wondering why the police of Sussex are never seen patrolling on foot which seems the obvious way of operating in a town centre like Hastings.

If the police authority wishes to reduce its carbon emissions may I suggest its officers walk more, a lot more, and drive less, a lot less.

If they want to save money then walk more and buy fewer BMWs. Why not patrol on bikes? Just a thought.

Patrolling on foot is well known to be the best way of reducing the crime rate and might help build a better relationship, so obviously missing, with the people of Hastings.

I am happy to pay more council tax to get better local services, but I do not want it wasted by the police on ‘premium’ expensive electric BMWs.