Why is partial bypass OK now?

I STATE at the outset that I have no very strong views one way or the other over the Bexhill to Hastings Link Road which has generated so much debate over the years.

However, being a relatively simple soul, there is one point which I would dearly like someone to explain to me.

I recall the no less intense debates about a proposed Hastings and St Leonards bypass back near the beginning of the millennium. There were innumerable studies, producing innumerable reports, often contradicting themselves in several details.

But there was one conclusion that was central to them all. If Hastings/St Leonards was to have a bypass, it had to be ‘complete’ – i.e. traversing both east and west of the town. This was imperative and I clearly remember that the unanimous observation of all reports/studies, etc was that under no circumstances should a partial bypass be constructed – in other words, spanning only the eastern or western sides of Hastings.

Yet isn’t this precisely what the Hastings to Bexhill Link Road is – a partial bypass covering only the western sector? And this is the point I would like explained. How is it that an option deemed so unsuitable and potentially damaging just a few years ago is now regarded as the economic salvation of the area?

Perhaps the inspectors and surveyors of a decade or so ago got it completely wrong. Or have today’s pundits made an error? As I said, I am a relatively simple soul and, more out of curiosity than anything else, I’d be interested in an explanation.


Linton Road