Why did MP welcome crime website?

ON March 7, Amber Rudd put the following question to the Home Secretary: “Residents of Hastings and Rye warmly welcome the additional information from the crime and policing website, but is the Home Secretary aware of the additional service it provides to women who may be coming home late at night and might feel vulnerable? That is particularly important ahead of International Women’s Day tomorrow.”

How does being able to check on a website the number of crimes that have been committed in a particular road that might be on their route home late at night make somebody feel less vulnerable? Might not that knowledge make them feel more vulnerable and fear using particular roads?

It has been clearly shown that the information on the website is wildly inaccurate in many cases, with the police being unable to identify many of the crimes committed in ‘hotspots’. Even for those reports that are accurate, there is nothing on the website to indicate whether the crimes have been solved or the perpetrators punished.


Winchelsea Road