Why close the Old Town Museum?

Last week you captioned a letter “Let common sense prevail”.

This crossed my mind when I visited Hastings Museum, also last week. It contains some of the finest ‘heritage’ features of the town, with displays dedicated to Robert Tressell, and Grey Owl.

Its permanent gallery of local paintings is a joy to behold, but its ‘gem’ is the Durbar Hall, which must be the finest ‘Indian Hall’ in the country.

But, sadly, I left with the news that at the end of the month, the Old Town Museum will close its doors. Housing the work of many local artists, who have lived, and worked in the Old Town; I asked the question - Why? Where will all these collections go?

The excellent Fisherman’s Museum hasn’t room. Is the Jerwood Gallery going to have a ‘dedicated’ display area? And what of the Old Town Hall? To have it sold to developers would completely ruin the character of the High Street. If this

is a reflection of the loss of footfall, since the moving of the coach park, perhaps the town needs to ask was this move in the best interests of the Old Town, and can we afford to discard a piece of Old Town heritage like this?

Brian Newbery

Letchworth Garden City