Why choose the negative story?

LAST week you had the opportunity to give front page headlines to one of two happenings in the town.

One was a negative story relating to the Conquest Hospital, the positive story told us the great news that the Olympic torch was to stay overnight here in Hastings and St Leonards next year.

You chose the negative one, I wonder why?

My family has nothing but praise for the “productive” staff at the Conquest, doctors, nurses, medical secretaries, receptionists, technicians and specialist.

There may be doubts over others who trot down the road occasionally with wheelbarrows full of money for failing at their tasks.

The good folk who look after us in our dotage are wonderful, so do not knock them!

The news that the Olympic torch is to visit and stay in Hastings next year is the one you should have jumped on and plastered all over the front page, in my opinion.

I am sure that this decision by the Olympic organisers was not arrived at without a great deal of work behind the scenes by a number of unsung heroes.

As a member of The Lions Club of Hastings, who as you know have organised the best Half Marathon in the country for the last 27 years, I must admit to bias.

As well two years ago the Half Marathon Race Director Lion Eric Hardwick MBE masterminded the Centenary Marathon with our help.

The athletic and sports clubs in Hastings do a magnificent job helping organise these events and many, many other events which raise the profile of sport in their fraternity nationwide.

It must all have registered positively in London

As I say, the Olympic torch decision was the result hard work by a number of Hastingers.

So lay off the knocking for a while and spend the next year promoting Olympic Torch Day.


Fearon Road