Why can’t we work together?

AS AN ordinary person with an ordinary brain living in the area, may I offer these thoughts:

I am a bit fed up with politics. The left having a go at the right, and vice versa, in newspapers and on the streets.

I am also disenchanted with religion. Our God is better than your God and infact we will blow you up, in some cases.

We do not hang, draw and quarter people these days in this country. Why? Because our brains have evolved away from the necessity of such depravities.

And yet, our brains still retain nasty, adversarial thoughts.

Are there any people out there who brains have evolved to the extent that politics and religion are passe and humankind can work together for a better life for all.

I went into a charity shop in St Leonards this week and a lady summed up my thoughts. She said to someone in the shop: “The world is a lovely place’ it’s just the people in it.”


Park Shaw,