Why add a business park?

Regarding a business park at Baldslow, it would appear that the present proposals are in the fast lane for approval, and it is hoped that brakes can be applied to take account of, and deal with, the present traffic problems.

Erica Barrett’s letter (October 17) clearly sets out some of these, and the East Sussex County Council (ESCC) view of ‘do nothing until the impact of the Link Road is assessed’ should apply to this new proposal also.

The Ridge residents have waited long for a mini-roundabout at the cemetery gates. Elphinstone Road is itself a ‘link road’ situated between the A21 and A259, with two roundabouts at its lower end and none at the top.

The Langham mini-roundabout was provided quickly with minimal kerb alterations - why not do similarly at Junction Road (both ends), Westfield Lane, and outside the cemetery now?

Nobody can foretell the future locally, whether it be traffic congestion or employment prospects, and while businesses can be created, suitable employees cannot be created, as the present vacant office and industrial premises all over our town dictate.

Why add to the list by business development at Baldslow?

Don Valentine

Elphinstone Road