Who are these faceless ones?

The lorries pulled up in this little leafy close (Inglewood Gardens).

Today it would awaken to the sounds of chainsaws and chipping machines.

This beautiful big green tree after an hour was no more.

When the estate was formed it was planted in 1983 and had grown higher than the houses. This big green fir where the birds perched and sang was reduced to saw dust in about an hour.

Some people were showing concern, some not.

The wife was in tears, she had grown up with it.

Who are these faceless ones with the power to order a 30-year-old tree be cut down?

The cloak of ‘I don’t know mate’ came into being.

Or is this another arm of the land wrangle in Inglewood Gardens, who knows?

Mr P Sayers

Inglewood Gardens

St Leonards