Where was the link at Rye?

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LAST week I travelled by rail from London St Pancras to Rye in one hour ten minutes, including a 10-minute stop for coffee at Ashford.

Imagine my disappointment to discover that the train terminated at Rye and I had to then wait more than 30 minutes at Rye station for the next train to Hastings pushing the journey time up to two hours.

If there had been a train all the way through to Hastings the journey could have been completed in a very respectable one hour and 25 minutes.

I was told by the guard it was because of the single track.

The people of Thanet can now travel to London in just over an hour, Brighton likewise but here in Hastings we and our economy continue to suffer poor rail services. Surely it must be possible to have fast trains linking with the high-speed link in Ashford without 30 minutes wait. Where is the joined up thinking?

I won’t even start on my journey to Leicester by rail from London that took me only an hour on a clean fast train with a buffet and wi-fi.


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