Where was the entry fee spent?

CAN anybody on the council tell me where the £2 entry monies for the recent Seafood and Wine Festival went?

It’s the first year since its started that I didn’t go.

I asked the people on the gate but they couldn’t tell me where the money was going. If it was to go towards something for the fishermen or lifeboat I would gladly have paid.

Surely a good deal of the money was spent on extra security staff to police the entries? What a waste!


West Ascent

St Leonards

Festival organiser Kevin Boorman said: “The total cost of running the event was around £55, 000. This covers stall hire, marquee hire, bands, PA/sound system, marketing, security, power/water supply etc. Our total income from stallholders and Jazz Breakfast sales was expected to be around £35,000, leaving a shortfall of around £20,000. The admission fee was intended to help reduce this shortfall, at a time of great pressure on council budgets.

“We had no additional security on hand just because we charged for entry, as has been suggested. We had the same number of security personnel that we’ve had for the last few years, although they were more visible on the gates. We need a good number of trained staff to help evacuate the site in an emergency, and also because alcohol is being sold. So the only additional cost incurred by charging was the cost of printing and producing the wristbands themselves, these cost around 2.5p each.

“I still think that £1 (for a wristband bought in advance) for a weekend’s entertainment, children under 18 free, represents great value for money.”