Where is the top-quality restaurant near Hastings Pier?

From: Ray Gerlach, St Thomas’s Road, Hastings

Like many others who have written over the past few months of the need for investment into our town’s crumbling infrastructure, I was surprised and dismayed to read in Amber Rudd’s ‘Hastings and Borough Matters’ that came through my door last week, that £1.244m has been received for a restaurant near Hastings Pier. Who has received this money? Where is this top, top restaurant?

With both the local Borough Council and the County Council suffering huge Central Government cuts in grant aid, surely this money could have been better targeted towards pot hole and pavement repairs; health care issues; housing and homeless issues just to name a few.

Come on Ms Rudd, get to know what the many residents feel are the priorities – and it’s not just some fine dining for the few.