Where are all the candidates?

I WRITE with reference the local elections and the candidates - or lack of them.

I would have expected at least one to knock on the door and promote their chosen party but no. Our front steps seem too daunting for them or perhaps its the thought of being thrown to the cats or even being scared of our ‘guard bat’.

Seriously though, instead of just putting scraps of paper through the letter box that end up in the same place of the piles of menu’s that we receive a face or two might help their cause, even if they are told to go away.

In this age of austerity I can only call Amber Rudd’s full page advert absolutely disgusting and a waste of money that could have gone to help those struggling in the town.

If it wasn’t for the Observer and BBC South East I wouldn’t even know these elections are taking place. I haven’t even had a voting card. Are my spells working too well and giving me too much invisibility or is it just me feeling left out?


Dane Road

St Leonards