When will the Hastings Bexhill Queensway Gateway link road move go ahead?

Your letters to the newspaper
Your letters to the newspaper

From: Hippolyte Grigg, Park Wood Road, Hastings

The time has come to update Hastings on the current position on the Queensway Gateway link road.

1. Planning permission was granted for Bartlett SEAT to move to new premises on North Queensway on January 22, 2019. No moving date has been agreed.

2. This paves the way for the next phase on the road and the roundabout to be built on the A21 near Sainsbury’s.

3. Speculation is rife on how long the Bartlett SEAT move will take as their new premises will have to be built. Transport to the new place for them should be no problem as they have plenty of four wheelers to cope with that. That’s just as well as there’s no bus service on that part of North Queensway.(That’s something that could be looked at by HBC).

4. Sea Change said this new road was going to be operational by the end of last year but smart money is being put on next September if not a bit before (Sea Change can confirm or deny that). Their inability to meet delivery dates is legendry, I’m told.

5. There is speculation, too, about how traffic will easily reach The Ridge from the A21 and vice-versa as both Junction and Maplehurst Roads will be closed (Standby Harrow Lane for much more traffic).

5. It’s reported that the there has been no change on the final cost set at £12 million!

6. Those living on The Ridge have been waiting ages for this road which should help to reduce some of the traffic there, which has become very heavy at peak times and at some off-peak times too to the point of unbearable at times.