When will dog bin be replaced?

Hastings Observer letters
Hastings Observer letters

From: Sheila Beerling, New Road, Hastings

I am sorry to have to continue with this subject but I refer to last week’s letter from Elizabeth Skelton.

I have contacted the council regarding the ‘missing dog bin’ from the path which runs from Harold Road to Barley Lane, at the end of Brackendale. Around the New Year someone thought it fun to set light to the dog bin which melted away.

Since then all that has remained is the post where it once was. People have continued to bag up their dogs’ mess and hang it on the post. I have reported this through ‘myhastings’ on several occasions but the bin has still not been replaced. Why are we waiting?

And as regarding the litter, with all the wheelie bins on the pavements (Property of Hastings Borough council) why are people not using these to place their rubbish inside? You can’t miss them!

Maybe a reminder about the fine for dropping litter and fly-tipping need to be published and placed around the problem areas.