When Harry met Sally, all was well

MAY I, through your letters page, thank the young woman who acted as a Good Samaritan on Wednesday, July 25 last, please?

I am 94 years of age and had travelled to Hastings for the day with friends.

Following an enjoyable crab salad I decided to walk back to the harbour area alone but, alas, took the wrong turning. I exhausted myself walking and collapsed.

A very kind woman stopped her car and offered her help which I gladly accepted.

She dropped me off in the harbour area where I enjoyed a further couple of hours in Hastings before returning home to Bracknell safe and sound albeit with a couple of sore knees.

My mother used to warn me about getting into strange cars with strange women but sadly, despite my longevity, I had never previously been in a position to ponder the potential risks or merits.

I very much appreciated our brief conversation and was highly entertained by her humour.

I introduced myself as Harry and she told me her name was Sally.

I was grateful for the encounter.

Thank you again for your kindness, Sally.


Birch Hill