Wheelie annoying

I SEE from the Observer (October 12) that a new waste collection contract will commence next July.

Can I request that Cllr Scott ensures that the new contractor’s working practices include the replacement of emptied wheelie bins back where they were found and not on the footpaths.

This causes obstructions to pedestrians and in windy conditions, can lead to bins being overturned and blown into the road.

This can be a particular problem when residents leave their bins out before going on holiday. It then often falls to the good nature of passers-by to pick up or move the bin to safety.

These days, residents already have to do most of the refuse collector’s work by putting the bins out for ease of collection. In return, the operatives should replace them properly and safely.

Cllr Scott should insist that the current waste contractor follows this practice now, whether or not they will be operating the new contract.


Washington Avenue

St Leonards