Whatever happened to Keep Britain Tidy campaign?

I HAVE just returned from a holiday in New Zealand, which included stop-overs in Hong Kong and San Fransisco.

In all those places the streets were clean and I saw almost no graffiti or litter and definitely no dog poo. I was saddened to return home to warm weather, school holidays and the inveitable litter-strewn Alexandra Park.

In fact my entire route, from home to the park, is marred by litter and trails of dog poo, in varying stages of decay and dispersal.

Cans, bottles, cigarette packets are regularly tossed into my garden. Daily, I pick up what is deposited or has accrued outside and around my house. Judging by their looks, passers-by observing this seem to think me some kind of nutter.

When I was a child we had a Keep Britain Tidy campaign. What ever happened to it?

We are fortunate to live in a beautiful seaside town. Why do we have to spoil it?

Alexandra Park is a wonderful facility which provides everyone with a cheap, or even free day out. Why do we have to ruin it by leaving the remains of our picnics and activities for someone else to clear away?

Litter and dog poo are unsightly, and are health hazards. There are simple remedies:

Don’t drop it! Pick it up! Dispose of it in the bins provided and if the bins are full then take it home and dispose of it there.


Laton Road