What was so revealing about MP?

I REFER to your attack on our town’s MP following the article by Elizabeth Rigby published in the Financial Times last week.

In your editorial you state that Amber Rudd’s reasons for deciding to stand here are ‘revealing’. I cannot see that. She ‘revealed’ that she wanted to be near London and could see that the seat was winnable.

Of the choices she was given, Hastings was best suited to meet those criteria. Surely it is no surprise that someone wants to work within striking distance of the family, and is there really much point in standing as a serious candidate in any election, unless there is a chance of winning?

What point are you attempting to make?

I also note your comments regarding Amber Rudd’s references to drug dealers and other criminals moving into our town. As a former police officer, with 30 years of service in Hastings, I can tell you from personal experience that she is absolutely correct. Many criminals move out of the major centres of population to areas where property prices are slightly lower, and rents are accordingly cheaper. That is the truth.

Hastings is not alone in this; most seaside towns have the same problem. The difference is that our MP is not afraid to stand up and say so. It is easy to extol the virtues of Hastings, not so easy to point out the hard truths and to call for action.

Unlike other MPs Amber Rudd does not paper over the cracks on a difficult situation. She is a politician who tells the truth and for that she should be applauded, not castigated through the pages of your newspaper.

In today’s world public figures all too often mince their words for fear of someone being upset by what they say. How refreshing it is to see our MP firing from the hip and telling it how it is, warts and all.

In Amber we have a champion for Hastings and St Leonards, one who can deliver investment into the town, and speak out against those who come here to carry on their dangerous and damaging activities.

Well said Amber, keep it up.


The Suttons

Wishing Tree Road

St Leonards