What’s going on with golf balls?

Hastings Observer letters
Hastings Observer letters

From: Graham Buckley, Charles Road West, St Leonards

It has been a few years since I reported the ‘theft’ of one of my trainers.

The general opinion at the time was that the culprit was our local urban fox.

Incidently, I was most grateful to all the folks who donated a replacement trainer on my doorstep.

They were the right size for the ‘right’ foot but unfortunately all were the wrong colour.

However, recently, I have noticed that my golf balls have been vanishing from my back lawn.

I dabble at the game and practice putting on the ‘sand’ lawn. This problem started a few weeks ago and I was curious as to my losses.

I observed that if I left two balls out overnight, the following morning, only one remained.

When I left our three balls, again only one went missing – and so on.

Is this a cunning plan by ‘Mr Fox’ expecting me not to notice, or is it just a large seagull making a casual late-night pick-up?

Either way, what does he (or she) do with all these balls?

Needless to say, I now keep all of my balls indoors at night.

Have other readers noticed a similar trend?