What has happened to Hastings?

HASTINGS - A town to live in? You must be joking.

There as so many really lovely people living in Hastings and going back 50 years it was a joy to grow up here.

Visitors came in their thousands and they were made very welcome, that is why they came back year after year.

I am 80 years old, not enjoying the best of health with mobility restrictions, my forefathers have been traced back to 1702 in the Old Town and it hurts to say, what has gone wrong?

We have more than 900 humps on our roads damaging cars because most of the humps are illegal. We have a mad parking scheme that not only restricts locals from enjoying their town but it has driven away life-blood visitors in their thousands.

We endure such places as the Jerwood Gallery despite most of the town opposing it. Our visitors’ coaches are unable to park and if they do they are charged exorbitant parking charges making visiting uneconomical.

Various functions are put on in Alexandra Park - many people cannot go owing to permit holders only parking everywhere.

I’d like a steady walk along part of the seafront but again permit holders parking only.

Where is the pier? The White Rock Bathing swimming baths? Midnight bathing in the summer on the east side of the pier? Where is the Bathing Pool, one of only two Olympic-size pools in Europe when I was young? The skating rink round the top of it?

In my teens (before my RAF time) if you were not dancing on the pier saturday nights, Christmas Eve, Boxing Day and New Years - you just weren’t living.

If one wishes to play sports you have to pay to park in the main. Hastings for example is the only town in Europe that charges for car parking for bowlers in White Rock Gardens. If one fancies a walk in White Rock Gardens - again pay to park. Fancy a walk in Linton Gardens? - permit holders only parking again.

Like to look around the Old Town? - permit holders only parking again or pay £8 to park on the beach at Rock-a-Nore.

We don’t even rate a Crown Post Office yet villages such as Battle and Rye do?

If you are looking for a disabled parking space bring a crowd to help you find one.

Like to shop in the town centre? - permit holders only parking again or pay through the nose at Priory Meadow, a car park we paid thousands towards.

During the years gone by Hastings was a lovely place one could enjoy a happy life feeling free and a council that listened to the people before ruining what we had. I consider above more than ample to demonstrate what current residents are missing and I am sure many will remember at least some of the points I make.

If only we could turn the clock back.


Park Avenue