What happened to our new £6million library?

Hastings Library
Hastings Library

FROM time to time we’ve been told that the county council has set aside £6 million for a new public library in Hastings to replace the inadequate Brassey Institute.

Now we hear that this plan has been scrapped and the intention is to refurbish the existing building as being a cheaper option.

Such a plan is bound to end up costing much more than first envisaged and will also be very difficult to implement as this is a listed building whose structure cannot be altered.

Also, how will we get a proper library service while these radical alterations are being made?

A few years ago Lewes got a brand-new library building, and recently an excellent new library has been opened in the former Woolworths in Rye.

Why does Hastings have to put up with second best? What has happened to ‘our’ £6 million?

We should demand a new building where modern public library services can be provided in purpose-built accommodation and which can act as a much-needed cultural centre for our town.


Boscobel Road North, St Leonards