What happened to common sense?

THERE are so many items in our Observer lately that a little common sense approach would not solve.

What has happened to all our secondary shopping centres: Bohemia, Silverhill and the Old Town? Parking charges, yellow lines and residents-only parking systems have ruined our town and driven away shoppers and visitors alike.

Concerning road dangers, I travel Queensway and Elphinstone Road regularly without problems and as for motorcycles, I am sure I am not alone in saying they pass us safe divers at three times any speed limit. Who will monitor any new initiatives? Just concentrate on the law breakers and road safety will look after itself. After all, should someone break the law we would not tolerate the whole town being punished, would we?

Now another misguided call for sprinklers in all new-build domestic properties. Without the knowledge of what caused the regrettable results of St Margaret’s Road. Would electrical earth leakage equipment have prevented the fire?

In other words, we need equipment in our homes to prevent fires and accidents, not first aid afterwards. But why wait for new build? Why not make it compulsory to install earth leakage devices in every home now? Electrical failures are the most common cause of fires.

I do know what I am talking about having spent more than 40 years as a health and safety adviser to industry at national level.

I am not knocking my beloved Hastings. My family has been traced back to 1701 here and I remember Hastings for what it was - popular for shoppers and endless visitors alike. Times when residents could park and enjoy a nice walk along the seafront through Alexandra Park. A place that appreciated the plight of the disabled and did not restrict their parking to the bare minimum.


Park Avenue