What are we voting for?!

I must admit to being overwhelmed with indifference regarding the Police Commissioner election. Do we really need such an appointment - are there not some very capable people already in Sussex police who can manage the force effectively without - at a time of cut backs - this new and highly paid figurehead? Am I the only one to reach for a pinch of salt when that tv advert has aired showing various cctv clips of criminal behaviour with the voice over implying this will be a thing of the past when we cast our votes?

If a candidate for this job can convince people that we will no longer shake our heads at lenient and inconsistent sentences, that we can actually phone our local police station, that the front desk at Hastings will be manned 24/7, that PCSOs will be trained and upgraded to police officer status, that parking regulations will be enforced with common sense, that private sector clampers will be out of business, that anti social behaviour will be zero tolerated - then I will certainly be happy to have another look at the list of candidates.

But seeing that virtually all of that is surely Central Government domain - I’m not holding my breath.

Simon Stoddart

Wellis Gardens