What about The Ridge?

So, while £113 million of your money and mine is poured into the Bexhill Hastings Link Road - what of The Ridge when that is integrated into the current network in a few months?

Politicians will grab photo opportunities in their high vis jackets and hard hats and point knowledgeably for the camera at nothing in particular - but how will The Ridge deal with new traffic coming up Queensway?

How does The Ridge cope now? Well, it doesn’t. Especially Ridge West where there is a daily Mexican stand-off at Junction Road (both ends), Maplehurst Avenue and Harrow Lane - though at least there is a modicum of traffic management there with a roundabout.

This has been a motoring shambles for years with the highways authorities vigorously exercising the do-nothing option only to throw hundreds of millions at the link road which will surely make the Ridge West problems even worse.

Junction Road is a joke. Both ends snarl up all too easily as there is no traffic management in place. Why not have roundabouts each end - just lay out the necessary road markings and put up some signs and introduce basic self management as roundabouts do?

But then road markings are fading into history themselves - all too many places in Hastings they are now invisible, signs obscured by bushes and potholes abound with my nomination for the worst cart track in Hastings being Tower Road.

We have this unerring ability to deny small amounts of money to worthy schemes around our road network which in many places is a disgrace, but blow multi millions on the link road. Still, one benefit will be hopefully the removal of that ludicrous 30mph speed limit on Queensway.

Simon Stoddart

Beauport Park

Ridge West