What about Sandown Primary?

GOOD news for William Parker Sports College that it is being given money to repair its running track, but another slap in the face for Sandown Primary school which is desperate for £200,000 to keep its swimming pool open.

It is used by two other primary schools, Active Hastings groups, mum and toddlers groups and various other swimming groups in the local area.

Sandown hasn’t received a penny from Hastings Borough Council and is left to raise the huge amount on its own through sponsored swims, donations from local shops, having money pots in local shops, discos and so on.

We have raised more than £25,000 but a handout of £77,000 or more would be a massive boost to our campaign.

Keeping the running track open is a very worthy cause, but it can’t be better than teaching children to swim, potentially saving their lives.


Austen Way