What a strange election campaign

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FOR me, it was certainly been a strange county council election campaign.

For the last few weeks prior to the election, I enjoyed the ‘hospitality’ of the NHS and spent time in both the Conquest Hospital and the Eastbourne DGH. I would like to thank all those medical staff who looked after me so well, and with such kindness.

It was wonderful to see so many people from such a diversity of cultures and backgrounds dedicated to the welfare of their patients. I remain very proud to be a member of a party, the Labour Party, which brought the NHS into existence, and will continue to champion its future. I would like to thank those who have sent me cards and their best wishes, and I’m now recovering well at home.

I’d like to thank the people of Braybrooke and Castle for again putting their faith in me for the 5th consecutive time, as their county councillor, and I will try to do my best to serve them in the future as I have in the past.


County Councillor

Braybrooke and Castle ward