Were terms not set beforehand?

Hastings Observer letters
Hastings Observer letters

From: Brian Turner

High Beech

It has been very interesting since the referendum on the EU was held, to hear people’s views and read them via the Observer and in the media. I wish to pose one question to yourselves.

Why, I ask, have the terms of joining the EU never been discussed, since if I join a club of any kind, conditions and terms are spelt out prior to signing up.

I naturally appreciate that joining an economic trading community is more complicated than joining a public association, I fail to understand the difficulty in reaching an exit arrangement when surely the intricacies of leaving should have been laid out in black and white at the outset. I can only assume that various private individual agreements have been included in the whole, and those terms can not now be reconciled perhaps.

If it is to take years rather than months to settle, I can only come to the conclusion that too many politicians are failing to agree to the mess they have created – what’s new?