Well-prepared for winter blast

IT is good to hear that the County Highways Team is ready to tackle any repeat of last March’s Mad Monday (Observer, October 25).

The snow on Mad Monday had been forecast since before the weekend.

I went on a pre-planned trip to London by train that day leaving my car in Priory Street car park. It was snowing when I left in the morning. The trains ran almost on time yet I arrived back in Hastings before 6pm to find no buses and almost no taxis running and the main A259 in Old London Road closed.

Leaving my car in the car park a kind lone taxi driver attempted to get me out of Hastings but all roads were blocked by cars. At The Bourne I told him to give up and I would walk. He did not charge me for his efforts.

As a fairly fit pensioner I was capable of doing the one hour walk mostly uphill to my home beyond Ore. A bus was stuck halfway up Old London Road and a policeman was stopping traffic going down.

The A259 is the main coast road. Am I being cynical or do we suffer from being at the eastern end of the county? It will be interesting to see what happens this winter.


Austen Way