Well done!

BEFORE moving to Hastings 10 years ago, I served as a member of a Community Health Council (for elders) in London and regularly undertook inspections of A&E departments and nursing homes.

During the past two weeks, I have been a regular visitor to a dear friend who is being cared for on Wellington Ward and would like to reiterate what Jane Amstad said in last week’s Observer.

The clinical care and attention has been superb. The ward is spotless, the nurses and doctors are caring and attentive and always make themselves readily available to respond to concerns from relatives and families.

The staff at the Conquest are trained to a very high standard and from my observations, demonstrate an excellence that was not always evident during my visits to a major teaching hospital in London.

The Irish have a saying: “Eaten bread is soon forgotten.”

I hope that friends and relatives who have been so fortunate with their care at the Conquest will not forget to remember to show their appreciation to the staff, by perhaps taking them a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates at Christmas.

Small gestures do matter and help to boost the morale of those for whom work is a vocation as well as an occupation.


Park Crescent