Website is misleading for passengers

YOU may recall that, back in January, I travelled to Middlesbrough and back with my young son to watch Hastings play in the FA Cup third round. We travelled there and back in a day, despite the Network Rail website saying it couldn’t be done.

I’d used my paper timetable, which clearly showed it could be done, and we did it.

Since the story appeared in your paper, a number of local people have contacted me to say that they would have made the journey by train, but didn’t, because they were told it couldn’t be done.

I did take this up with Network Rail which, after eight weeks, has just responded as follows:-

The National Rail website by default displays journey’s with three changes.

It therefore, displayed the 18:55 service with 3 changes (+1, the walk included in your journey doesn’t count as a change).

I understand the website should have displayed all options for your travel, as it could be misleading. I have therefore, forwarded your feedback to the website team for their consideration.

Thanks again for contacting us although once again I’m sorry that you had such a disappointing experience.

I’m honestly not sure if I understand this, but it does seem to confirm that Network Rail’s website was indeed wrong.

My son and I had already proved that, of course, as we made the journey.

More worryingly, a lot of people I know rely on the National Rail website, and it does concern me that it clearly does have inaccuracies.


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