We will continue to hold administration to account

I WOULD just like to thank all the residents of Hastings who voted Conservative in the local elections.

Over the course of the last year we have engaged in a massive listening exercise in Hastings and many of the comments that have come back have been used in our manifesto. I believe much of the success we have enjoyed is because of this and is something as a group we intend on continuing to do.

The Conservative group is now a young and dynamic team with an average of just 45 and with members as young as 22. They are all brimming with ideas and I look forward to them helping us put forward a positive and innovative program in the forthcoming years.

You can rest assured that as a group we will continue to hold the Labour administration to account and to fight for continuous efficiency savings to produce the lowest council tax possible. We will of course continue to push for a period of free parking in the town that is so needed by our shops and small businesses.

Once again thank you very much for the faith you have placed in us at this election.


Leader of the Conservative group

Hastings Borough Council