We will continue to face cuts until we pay more tax

From: Aisha Lowry, St Margaret’s Road, St Leonards

Firstly apropos the grass I seem to recall watching a live coverage of proceedings in ESCC full council meeting in which it was agreed to reduce grass cutting rather than making even more horrendous cuts to Adult Social Care.

The cuts are cruel and unacceptable. The simple reality is that more and more of us are living longer which 
is to be welcomed, but the level of services to care for these people are simply not there.

It must be remembered that much disability is acquired through such life events as accidents, strokes and heart attacks as well as those born with serious disabilities whose life expectancy is much greater now due to advances in medicine.

There had been chronic under-funding of services for decades. The assistant director of adult social care recently stated that the future of social care would be asset led not infrastructure driven.

By this it appears he meant that families, many already at breaking point, would be expected to do much of the caring themselves.

Yet the very thing needed is more infrastructure and investment.

It seems he believes that unless this comes from charities it is not going to happen.

It is sheer common sense that charities are never going to have the same capacity as the state.

The problem in this country is that the people seem to want Scandinavian level of services while paying American levels of taxation. This cannot ever work.

Unless people face up to the obvious and agree to paying more tax nothing is going to change.