We welcome Imam’s suggestion for dialogue

We were interested to see your front-page headline ‘We Are Charlie’ and the photos of local people holding ‘Je suis Charlie’ banners.

It is good that so many should wish to express their horror at the brutal murders in Paris. By saying ‘I am Charlie’ they are affirming the vital importance to a democratic society of the freedom of the press.

But are they also saying that it is right for the press to do what Charlie Hebdo did and publish cartoons that caused so many people such unnecessary pain? The editors of our national newspapers, who jointly took the decision not to reproduce them, clearly thought that the answer was ‘No’.

We were greatly impressed by the letter from Imam Yusuf. We are sure that he was speaking for the vast majority of Muslims in this country when he condemned the Paris murderers and described their criminal behaviour as ‘the antithesis of Islam and its tenets’.

We welcome his suggestion that the local community should engage in dialogue about such issues with him and members of his congregation. Would it be possible to agree upon a date for a public meeting for this purpose?

Jeremy and Rosemary Goring

West Hill Road

St Leonards