We so-called Luddites aren’t always wrong

I MUST say how disappointed I was with the letter in last week’s Observer in which Mr Sangster referred to a vast majority of local residents as narrow-minded moronic naysayers.

Sadly it seems the main target being anyone who queries the location of the Jerwood or Luddites as we are more commonly known.

Yet many were called narrow- minded when they said the art- orientated Millennium Dome might not work. It went bust.

Many naysayers queried the wisdom of pumping millions into Ireland to make it an art capital to rival Barcelona. It went bust.

Oddly enough many people visit Ireland for no more than the green grass, cloudy skies, rain and Guinness. It’s ironic, I know, but we live in a world full of ironies.

Only recently Mr Scott complained in the Observer that the fishing beach was a shambolic mess, while in last week’s paper Liz Gilmore, director of the Jerwood, said how wonderful the panoramic views of the fishing beach were.

It’s ironic that much of today’s art is very reminiscent of that fine Victorian cartoonist Donald McGill, he of the saucy postcard. It’s also ironic that while his postcards were censored for their innocent bawdy content, we now readily accept cards of a far more offensive nature.

All I’m saying is that not all change is for the better. As children we used to keep beaches clean by recycling glass bottles for a penny refund. Today plastic litters the shore.

The innocence of the penny arcade you mock replaced by the more sinister on-line gambling. The unfashionable big wheel you ridicule replaced by the more iconic London Eye )it’s still only a big wheel you know). Life’s an illusion. The Emperor’s clothes.

But when you see through life’s illusions there lies the danger. And there lies the biggest irony of them all.

While we sad moronic Luddites query some change, others are blissfully happy to accept everything.

Yet an intellectual once said ignorance is bliss. Work that one out. Answers to confused.com or if you’re a Luddite answers on a saucy postcard please.


The Slides

St Leonards