We should thank the sheik for buying Hastings pier, at least that’s free!

Hastings Pier
Hastings Pier

From: Pat Franklin, Harold Road, Hastings

I would like to thank the Sheik, who has recently purchased the pier, for all the innovative things he is doing and hopes to do – and tell him not all Hastings residents are negative and are happy with the present results.

I am a shareholder, as are members of my family. When I was a child and when my children used the pier, you had to pay to get on it! Now it is free! Most things are not, including parking.

Another source of contention, I note with indignation is that Hastings Borough Council has seen fit to again increase the parking at Summerfields Sport Centre. This centre provides an essential service.

The Government and media are constantly telling us about obesity and exercise. Older people use this centre for relaxation, meeting friends for coffee, etc, combating loneliness and isolation. Young mothers take their tots, and use the gym and swimming pool, surely combating post-natal depression and loneliness.

These people using the car park are car tax payers and rate payers. I think HBC should look with some regard to their citizens. It is not all about money – quality of life is just as important.