We should be able to respect all views

I WAS interested in your editorial last week that stated that ‘Sometimes public opinion is more important than planning regulations’.

I wonder if this view about regulations extends to the banking and the newspaper sectors where we are all aware of the recent major scandals?

Since, for many developments, there are more opponents than supporters, are you really suggesting that we determine these applications by ignoring planning policies and just base decisions on public opinion?

Does this actually make sense? I do think that it is always helpful to hear the views of local residents about planning issues, which is why I found it particularly interesting that you chose to publish letters from people living in Dorking and Eastbourne.

Personally, I would like to thank those who listened respectfully to the deliberations of the borough council’s planning committee last week.

It was a shame that some of those present seem to want such occasions to be akin to a Salem witch trial.

We should surely be able to respect all views even if we do not agree with them. After all, courtesy costs nothing.



planning committee

Hastings Borough Council