We’re on the link road to nowhere

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IT seems now that the link road will now be built in spite of the extra cost to the taxpayers.

The council members and our MPs think that we are gullible in believing that the road will cure all problems.

This is to accommodate housing and business parks and will mean concreting over more of our beautiful countryside. The congestion and fumes problems will simply move from one area to another.

The Government will not invest in improving the A21, A22 and the A259, but will fund this ridiculous, short, expensive road.

We will not attract work and people to the area unless we address the problems on the main roads into the Bexhill and Hastings areas.

This is obviously a political decision. We should be fighting East Sussex County Council plans to turn the Pebsham area into the biggest waste facility in Sussex.

It is also contemplating building an incinerator on the same site.


Topcross Road