We pier towns should support each other

As the chairman of the registered charity, Herne Bay Pier Trust, I too was surprised at the alacrity with which the Government allocated £2 million funding to Eastbourne although as a pier trust we also felt for them losing so much in the fire and we wish them well.

However, we have been watching the hard work and efforts Hastings have put in to restore their pier and like them we are surprised. We are a small registered charity with a team of dedicated trustees and volunteers working to regenerate and rebuild Herne Bay Pier, which was once the second longest in the UK stretching out to the pier head still forlorn a mile out at sea.

We are having to work in stages - the first started last year with the building of 12 beach-hut style retail outlets for start-up businesses along the long leg of the pier.

This year, we have managed to raise £100,000 to build a further 16 huts, toilets, a covered tea room and a stage but we are waiting impatiently for the council to provide a signable lease for us to access those funds.

It is very frustrating. We have also opened an e-petition on the 10 Downing Street website since the Eastbourne gift.

Please do you think your readers might support us by voting on that site for regeneration of Herne Bay Pier. It only takes a minute and we pier towns should support each other.

Doreen Stone


Herne Bay Pier Trust