We need to act if we want justice

WITH reference to your piece “More anger over pier arson decision”, I have been actively collecting victim impact statements. I am interested in any other impact statements which people have made, or are willing to make in order to lobby for justice in the wake of the pier fire.

My work in this regard can be found on the Hastings Justice Facebook group and on the blog www.sussexcommunity.blogspot.com. Both of these sites support the process of a series of private and public communications between relevant individuals over what may be a number of years, until the community as a whole is satisfied that justice has been seen to be done.

This is a major reason why I created www.peoplesjustice.org.uk and moved into St Leonards, where friends and family live, giving up my fundraising job in London.

My hope is that ALL those who were on the pier on October 5 2010 get to hear about the impact of what they did that night, or the impact of their not preventing someone else from doing what they did.

If we want people to take responsibility for what they haven’t been prosecuted for, then I recommend that we all model the change we want to see, and take responsibility for something in our lives about which someone else may be feeling aggrieved.

I write as: 1) someone who has been thanked for “work on behalf of the victims of crime” (over many years) by a personal invitation from the Prime Minister to meet him in Downing St and 2) the instigator of a now thriving ‘Hastings and St Leonards Action for Happiness’ group which is about to celebrate AGoodWeek in Hastings and St Leonards (June 20 to 26).


CEO, Mediation Support Ltd

St Leonards.