We fought long and hard for Sunday service

I am sure that I will not be the only one to suggest that, instead of reducing or cancelling a vital part of the local economy and service to the community, East Sussex County Couuncil (ESCC) should only issue concessionary bus passes to those who need them.

I am sure that many people, like me, would give up their bus passes if it meant the services would be maintained or even improved.

We fought long and hard to get a Sunday sevice operating for the 344, a vital link for the coastal route to Rye and beyond but also a direct service from the station to Hastings Country Park Nature Reserve.

Now that a new, modern visitor centre is being planned it is even more important for the timetable of the 344 to be increased from the current hourly bus on weekdays and Saturdays and the miserly four buses on Sundays. Of course, there would need to be something in place to prevent ESCC from withdrawing automatic entitlement to a bus pass at 60 or even 70 and then, a year later, reducing the bus services as well.

Stephen Watkins

The Heights