We felt a bit underwhelmed

WE went to have a look at the two final proposals for the Pelham Place roundabout, and felt a bit underwhelmed.

Saint Clair Cemin’s dolphin didn’t look too much like a dolphin – far too fat to float, I’d say – but at least he’d done a mock up to show that it wouldn’t look terribly exciting in situ.

Henry Krokatsis proposed a lighthouse helter-skelter, possibly relevant enough for a seaside space but, hang on, didn’t he make it for the Big Chill festival a couple of years ago? It must be taking up valuable storage space at his studio, so I guess that he thought that Hastings might like it as a reach-me-down. Hope he isn’t charging full price for it!

We wondered what the refusées looked like.

OK said my wife, you do better. So unhampered by the remotest idea of a brief, and drawn up rather quickly, here’s my twopenny’s worth. The fish, just two-dimensional and made of stainless steel could be painted/screen printed, or just left shiny.

It has local relevance, looks (I hope) interesting and has a small wind turbine on top (sponsorship alert?) The light-up fish round the edge might even stop people running into the roundabout.


Barley Lane